Shakespeare Abroad

“Creating Shakespeare”
ENGL 2670 or 3950
Summer 2016 • July 8-29

Come experience Shakespeare in his native country during a once in a lifetime season. 2016 marks the 400 year anniversary of Shakespeare death, and in honor of the occasion England will host an unprecedented number of theatrical performances, events, and first folio catalogueexhibits throughout the year. Students will spend three weeks in London and Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace and home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, to explore how Shakespeare was created in Renaissance England, and how he continues to be recreated today on the stage, in film, and through popular culture.

Here is a copy of the syllabus.

Here is a link to our official UML blog, and we’ll update during the trip.

Here are some links to get you excited:
The Globe 2016 season:
Royal Shakespeare Company Intro:
Greg Doran on 2016 RSC season:
The British Library’s introduction:

Shakespeare Engraving

Students at all levels are welcome. If you are new to Shakespeare, you will immerse yourself in the language, artifacts, museums, and performances. If you have already taken Shakespeare at the college level, you may compete a Special Topics study and work with me to construct an academic project built out you interests and background.

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